For we are His workmanship* [His own master work, a work of art], created in Christ Jesus [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, ready to be used] for good works, which God prepared [for us] beforehand [taking paths which He set], so that we would walk in them  

- Ephesians 2:10


*Poiema: Greek; meaning; made by God, i.e. his work of art, his masterpiece, his poetry.


Commoners Communion explores conversations in Christian Spirituality centered around beauty, mystery & revelation. 


We are all made in the image of God, we are all made beautiful. The story of God is about the return of the fullness of that beauty to humanity through the Son of heaven himself, Jesus. Our spirituality is so much more than moral prose or a new set of rules, it's about the mystery of the indwelling of God in his people. In Ephesians 2:10 we're told that we, now new in Jesus' love, are "God's masterpiece" and this word masterpiece in the Greek is Poiema; the very same word we get our modern term poem from. 

We are God's poetry, his song, his work of art. Beauty in all its range is the central paradigm of art sparking human imagination and welcoming a longing world home into the arms of hope. We are that song for creation and God's love is the melody we sing.

Ancient cultures believed that to be a poet was one in the same as being a prophet. To speak in poetic prose was to translate the divine, to be an intimate of the gods. It was reserved for the few spiritually elite, the chosen ones, those worthy of the call. But here in Ephesians we find Paul revolutionizing that idea by claiming that now, in Jesus, we have all been made God's poetry. Not by experience or offering or by right, but as a gift of grace.

We are all now his poet-prophets, every single one of us.

That's what Commoners Communion is about. Sparking conversations in Christian spirituality and seeking out how we live this life of beauty, mystery and revelation tangibly with our Father in heaven.