Episode 7: Poor In Spirit

I'm doing something a little different in this episode. I sat down last week to record an entirely different episode and couldn't deny the leading to go off script a little and share what I was feeling the Spirit saying to a few of us. Not everything in this episode will apply to everyone listening, but I hope it's an encouragement to those whom it does connect with. You may know someone who could be encouraged to hear this one. If you do, feel free to pass it on.

Spiritual life is about seasons and sometimes there can be a shift seasonally that applies to both individuals and a whole. I sense that we're in one of those seasons right now and by giving a voice to it I hope that you can feel that you're not alone and maybe even gain a little more strength to step out of it. Commoners Communion is really a community of people searching for a new way of being in a social, political and spiritual landscape that is rapidly changing around us. If you've found this podcast it's probably because you feel that, and in some way you've experienced your own kind of estrangement in the process. If that's you, this podcast is a word to you.


The music in this podcast is kindly provided by Rhys Machell from his meditative album 'In Glass'. Click here to hear more.

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