Announcing The 'Prose To Poetry' Tour!


In a daring move of unprecedented nervousness, I'm taking Commoners Communion on the road!

I'm hoping to invite more people to join us in these conversations and to connect face to face with all of you who have been listening, writing and sharing. 

Throughout the North Island tour, I'll be sharing on living a life of poetry (maybe even sharing some of my own poetry God-willing), starting some discussion, Q & R and maybe even a little liturgy to ground us in the Great Tradition.

My hope for the tour is that we can start brewing a community that crosses cultural, denominational and social boundaries to encourage each other to live a life of beauty, mystery and revelation. 

It feels like there has never been a more important time to see beauty in the other nor to find new language and ways of being in a world starved for connection and intimacy.

I'm really excited to come hang out with you guys and share the love.


Strahan ColemanComment