Practicing Newness Devotional: Giving Away

Giving Away

An entire season of sowing, reaping, harvesting and threshing has passed and it is now our joy to shape the grain into flour and bake it for giving away

The previous season of threshing is remembered with joy as we thank God that it purified the promise, gave it depth and made it worthy of giving away. This part of the process is about gratefulness toward God for watching over us throughout the journey and for being faithful to complete what he started. It’s a season of jubilation and a time to bring others around us to enjoy the fruit of our labour.


Take the week to wrestle with God, asking him to shed light on the following questions or any others that arise from this weeks reflection. Give him space to respond, to heal, to resurrect.

What promises has God given you that you can see becoming fully formed in 2018?

Take a moment to remember God’s presence with you through all the stages of your journey and to thank him for doing what he said he would.

What promises haven’t made it this far yet? Ask God to bless and keep those.

Take note of the fear, anxiety or the nerves associated with acting on and giving away this promise. Invite God to fill that space with courage and peace.

Finally, take a moment to ask God if there is anything else he would like to say to you in this moment.


Father, you have kept your word to us. You always keep your word. As the rain falls and achieves its purpose so you have and will fulfill the promises you’ve made in our lives. We glorify you, adore you, and celebrate you for walking with us through every part of this journey. We acknowledge that it’s not always easy to walk with Christ, but that it’s beautiful, good and true. Now, bless our work. Our going out and our coming in. So that the world may know the love of God and his affection toward all that he has made. For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.