Practicing Newness Devotional: Receiving




The first step in the process of God sowing his seed in our lives is His providing the nourishment that brings us the promise. We receive.


God’s word is a seed that we can plant in the driest of grounds, which will eventually give life to even the driest of bones. This word or promise could come in a vision, dream, song lyric or a shared moment of hospitality. Whatever way the seed falls into your hands, God wants you to value his voice. It is vital we prioritise listening to what God wants to say to us right here, right now. We don’t get to choose that seed nor create it ourselves, it’s provided by the life-giver himself. As John the Baptist spoke, “A person may only receive what is given to them from heaven.”


Take the week to wrestle with God, asking him to shed light on the following questions or any others that arise through this weeks reflection. Give him space to respond, to heal, to resurrect.


What seeds (promises), past and present, has God spoken clearly to you in your life?

What seeds have been sown less definitively in the quiet place or in the bounds of your imagination?

What have you received in the past that needs revisiting in this moment of your life?

What seed may God be giving you right now in your life? Tonight? This week?


Father, Creator, Giver, we thank you for the promises you’ve sown in our lives. We acknowledge Holy Spirit that you have brought these to us, they’re sacred to us, let them breath and have life from this day forward. We recognize that not all the seed you have given us is what we had asked for, possibly not even what we personally wanted want, but we join with you Christ, now in your strength, through the cross, toward resurrection in allowing them to be sown in the soil of our imaginations.

Plant what you will Lord. we’re longing for your kingdom.

In Jesus name.