Practicing Newness Devotional: Removing




The next stage in our journey is the harvesting of the seed we have sown and watched over. The initial promise has bloomed and it’s time to remove what’s fully grown and make new space for the movements of God in our tomorrows.


There will come a time to stop thinking and start doing. Hearing God’s voice and fulfilling the things he has asked of us often takes blood, sweat, toil and tears. The harvest season is a time of partnering with God to chase after the promises and hope he has placed in our hearts. Often what grows below the soil looks different above ground. Likewise, the things God has whispered to us need to be examined and tested. It is during this process we begin to put physical actions to the thoughts, feelings, emotions and prompts we have had from Him. Now is the time to have that conversation you’ve been waiting on. To pick up the pen and write on paper what’s been formed in your heart. Or make the change in your job you’ve been nervous about these few years. The risk always being the seed that was planted may bear a different fruit to what we thought or wanted.


Take the week to wrestle with God, asking him to shed light on the following questions or any others that arise from this weeks reflection. Give him space to respond, to heal, to resurrect.


What might it look like today for you to start actioning what God has been growing in your life?

How may the fulfilment God’s word to yo look different today than what you’d thought in the past?

What old ideas do you need to let go of to move forward with God’s promise today?

Being honest with yourself and with God, what emotions do you feel thinking about actioning God’s promise to you?

What must you die to, take up, or express to him to take hold of it fully today?

What things must be let go of to make new room to begin the “doing” part of your journey?


God of the heavens, there is nothing beyond your reach. You spoke and colour exploded into being, stars were born, protons, neutrons and gravity obeyed your commands. We thank you that you have brought us this far in our journey. Now, we ask you to bless our acting on what you’ve called us to. Give us the courage to be bold where we need to be, and to be restrained where necessary. Jesus, you taught us that old crops must die to multiply new life. Give us the grace to allow those old ways of living, those ingrained patterns of thinking to pass away. We await your coming kingdom with deep anticipation. May it come soon, may your will be done, now and forevermore. Amen.