Practicing Newness Devotional: Watching Over


Watching Over


The second stage of our journey is about protecting and growing that which God has sown in us.


In Ancient Near Eastern agriculture oxen would be used to till the soil for the sowing of seed. But the oxen also served another purpose, they kept away predatory birds hungry to plunder the ground for themselves. Likewise, we need to create boundaries and spaces to hear God’s voice, and receive the seed he has for us. When his voice comes, we need to treasure it and protect it and we let it grow within in us. Cynicism and fear will try and corrupt God’s voice, and often you will feel unworthy of the possibility of what he may be saying. By allowing space for hope you’re taking seriously the prospect of hearing from the creator.


Take the week to wrestle with God, asking him to shed light on the following questions or any others that arise through this weeks reflection. Give him space to respond, to heal, to resurrect.


What does it look like for you to watch over the seed of God’s promise today?

In what ways have you neglected those promises to date, allowing them to fall prey to fears, the agenda of others, insecurities or the desires of the world?

Looking back, how have you faithfully cared for those promises, protecting them from the elements of life that would otherwise whittle them down or steal them?

What does watching over God’s promises look like for you today/tomorrow in the life space you’re currently in?


Father, we acknowledge that we have not always cared for what you’ve sown in our lives. We’ve neglected your promises at times not valuing what may have felt either too small or too overwhelming to face. Today, we ask for the strength and creativity to watch over that which you’ve sown in our lives. Give us grace and empower us as we journey into the unknown future with you. We trust you, we long for you to have your glory amidst us. Amen.