support commoners communion


the work

Currently, Commoners Communion is a small team of volunteers, led by myself (Strahan), working on creating conversations in Christian spirituality both at home and abroad. At the moment that looks predominantly like;

  • A blog 
  • A podcast  
  • Live conversational touring
  • My speaking intermittently among different communities throughout Aotearoa
  • Mentoring and guiding individuals from week to week

There are also many administrative tasks including;

  • Studying for, recording and editing each podcast episode
  • The writing of blogs
  • I'm working on my first non-fiction book and have a scholarship to finish it at Vaughan Park in 2018
  • The event organisation and administrative work associated with web hosting and event/tour organisation
  • Responding to the many beautiful people around the world who connect with and write to me in person

As well as this I'm also working  with a small group of people who help with creative direction, administration, online sharing and live conversations. The goal is to grow a small community who can share God's beauty with others in their own way and through their own unique gifts.

the dream

To continue to grow the Commoners community both at home and abroad through increased podcast and blog content (aka interviews with some incredible mothers and fathers of the faith!) and Prose To Poetry tours in the US and Europe. I would also love to create a liturgy channel to the podcast, more regular blogging, to finish my first book this year, take The Prose To Poetry tour to Germany in November 2018 and to keep building community through the communion, prayer and connection gatherings held both regularly and seasonally.

the need

My immediate need is to raise enough support to allow me to cover my three day's a week for Commoners. This time includes all the work associated with the podcast and writing online, petrol, food and accommodation for the Prose To Poetry tours, small marketing budgets where needed for events and tours, and the development of retreats, learning gatherings and other creative endeavours aimed at sharing the love, beauty and mystery of God with people in liminal and unexpected places.

In other words, you'll be helping me to keep this going and to feed my family at the same time :)

how will your financial support help?

At present I'm spending around three day's a week creating content and connecting with people through Commoners. I'm hoping to raise enough support to cover the costs of my time and the administrative/web costs associated with the work so I can continue to share God's beauty with others. By generously committing to a regular payment to Commoners Communion through this platform of any amount - large or small - you will be;

  • Covering the technical costs associate with the website, podcast and online systems
  • Aid me in being able to keep to at least 3 day's a week for Commoners (and hopefully more in the future!)
  • Keep the the Prose To Poetry Tour by koha only and free for those who couldn't make it otherwise
  • Help us to share (in person) the love of God through the Prose To Poetry Tour in Germany, the USA and the Uk
  • Helping us to reach out to local and global spiritual hero's to learn more about beauty, mystery and revelation in Christ
  • Fostering a gathering for a burgeoning new people to connect, do community and re-find authentic spirituality again.

All that you give will go directly into a separate account held for Commoners Communion and will be used solely for the purposes listed here.

any questions?

Please feel free to contact me any time at If you'd like to talk about making a specific one off donation to a particular aspect of what we're doing or if you'd like to determine exactly where your support goes then get in touch and we can have a conversation.

Thank you for even considering to join me on this beautiful journey.